Competitor A's solution
Moves high-frequency information to lower frequencies using compression.
Competitor B's solution
Overlaps high-frequency information with lower frequencies.
Spectral iQ
Replicates high-frequency information at lower, more audible frequencies.

Still fitting patients with other frequency lowering technologies? Then you haven't tried Starkey's Spectral iQ.

Our newest innovation, Spectral iQ is the industry's smartest way to restore audibility for patients with steeply sloping, high-frequency hearing loss.

  • Intelligently identifies high-frequency speech cues, then replicates them in lower frequencies
  • Causes less distortion than other approaches due to preservation of spectral cues and harmonic relationships
  • Features the broadest active bandwidth of any manufacturer
Still not convinced?
Download the white paper for complete details.
(PDF, 350K)
Recordings were made using three different hearing aids, each programmed for identical hearing loss. All signal processing features were deactivated, with the exception of the frequency lowering algorithm. The recordings demonstrate the sound quality of each processing strategy, first without frequency lowering and second with active frequency lowering.
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